BFSI Industry: Automatic Predictions

Better Targeting, Best Cash Manageent


Leading Retail Bank and FinTech Company

Banking, Financial, Securities and Insurance (BFSI)

Deployment country/Region
Asia Pacific



The Retail Bank and Fintech company’s marketing and operations department, respectively are responsible for digital engagement, targeting, cash management of ATM infrastructure.

Business need
Both these organizations were looking for leading indicators in their business, mainly combining internal, external, structured and unstructured data. Currently they have limitations on developing the statistical models, manually. And then testing the results of those models. It takes months, if not years to validate. Additionally, they work with limited variables reducing the accuracy.

Findability Platform unifies internal and external data sources by indexing data from data sources like Weather Channel, Social Media, Events sites etc. IBM Watson analyses unstructured data by creating multiple variables, which are then fed to prediction layer to create accurate predictions on probability of which customer can buy which product to how much cash should be deposited in an ATM machine on which day.

Automatic Predictive Analysis is helping in accurate predictions, better targeting, reducing expenses on direct marketing, savings in ATM operations.

Cloud Services