Get started with your cognitive journey with Findability Sciences' experts


Start your cognitive journey with Findability Sciences’ deep industry experience and the ability to apply advanced analytics, cognitive computing and natural language processing concepts.


Consulting Services

Findability Sciences has deep knowledge and expertise in offering consulting services for the use of cognitive solutions. We offer onsite and remote value assessment services to identify opportunities for your organization to start use of cognitive technologies.

Custom Solutions

With combination of Findability Platform, IBM Watson and Dr. Mo, we have the most innovative, scale-able and proven AI architecture. Its vertical agnostic. We can understand your business challenges and rapidly deploy a custom solution using our core architecture.


May it be Hadoop, or IBM Watson, if you are looking for staff to augment your team, Findability Sciences has wide range of experienced professionals ready to lend their skills.

Interested in starting with your cognitive journey and wants to know how and where to start?