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Revealing drivers’ parking behavior to unlock new commercial opportunities

Municipal Parking Services

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United States



Municipal Parking Services (MPS) designs, develops, manufactures and markets technologically advanced parking solutions, such as its patented Sentry Meter and SAAS software – a connected device with built-in touchscreen and cameras that capture real-time data about drivers and parking behavior.

Business need
Municipal Parking Services (MPS) knew that the data captured by its cutting-edge parking meters could be used for more than parking enforcement. How could it explore this data to unlock new insights?

In less than ten days, MPS used cloud-based analytics to gain a 360-degree view of its customers, combining parking meter data with external data to reveal new insights into drivers’ behavior.

Analytics is helping MPS unlock new opportunities for cities and local businesses – for example, implementing demand-based pricing based on the weather, and delivering targeted advertising to drivers.

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