Use of Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources Management


Webinar Overview

Date: May 03, 2018
Duration: 45 minutes

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way HR managers interact with existing, incoming and outgoing employees. It is useful in identifying and matching the right candidates to the requirements, engage, retain and motivate employees and help organizations in reducing time, efforts and costs.

Watch the webinar to understand how organizations are using people analytics for:

  • AI-Driven Recruitment and Talent Management
  • Understanding development drivers for each employee (motivation, relationship, influence, engagement)
  • Building HR Analytics functions, teams, capabilities and support
  • Workforce planning for growth or downsizing
  • Use personality insight during interview process to better understand applicant needs & values.


 Anand Mahurkar
Founder, Findability Sciences
Cenyu Zhang
Cloud Evangelist & Technical Architect, IBM