Use of AI in
Banking Application

Webinar Overview

Date: Thursday, June 21, 2018
Duration: 45 minutes

The easing of regulatory restrictions, including modifications to the Dodd-Frank Act is creating new opportunities for banks, but also increased risk. By deploying augmented intelligence (AI) through self-learning systems, Banks can exploit loosening regulatory requirements to their advantage by gaining actionable insights. This can help in the decision-making process to increase loan origination while reducing defaults.

Our prediction engine, the Findability Platform®, helps banks accurately predict high and low risk customers to optimize the underwriting and servicing processes.

Webinar will cover the demonstration of

  1. Self-Learning Method
  2. Multi Modelling and its effect on higher accuracy
  3. Specific use case of predicting risks for loans
  4. Dynamic Applications for various use cases


Anand Mahurkar
Founder, Findability Sciences