Automatic Predictions from BigData

Powered by Dr. Mo


Dr. Mo, developed by Soft10 Inc, is the only automatic statistical software in the world that helps business professionals meet today’s Big Data Predictive-Analytic challenges. Self-learning technology to bring the power of predictive modeling into the hands of every company.

With the use of uniquely unsupervised automatic predictive modeling software that produces predictions in seconds or minutes, Findability Sciences can provide these predictions on unified structured and unstructured content. Other programs, dependent on a higher level of human operation, can take weeks or months to produce less accurate results. These programs use the common “best” prediction model, taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Findability Platform along with Dr. Mo, on the other hand, uses Multi-Model Prediction Technology which ensures that the best possible model is applied to each individual record resulting in up to 99% predictive accuracy.


Self learning algorithms run the whole process. Creates, selects, predicts and self-verifies predictions.


Multi-Model Prediction. Uses GROUP of BEST prediction models to score.


Based on Conditional Probabilities no assumptions to limit the best models.



Bayesian Statistics, Stochastic Matrices, Shannon Information Theory and Milorad Self-learning Nodes

Watch screencam demo of automated predictions. Easy, Fast, Fully Automatic, Accurate, from unstructured and structured data.

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