Automated self learning AI that produces predictions with unmatched accuracy


Learns from historical data to generate continuously updated results that accommodate ever-changing data


Unsupervised, fully autonomous multi-step modeling and prediction process that produces results faster


Based on Conditional Probabilities no assumptions to limit the best models.


Multi Modeling

Generates and selects multiple models from a data pattern, making use of vast volumes of unstructured data in addition to structured data


Create leading indicators for your business using the Findability Platform:

Use Case Outcomes
Pricing Predict raw materials and commodities pricing to sustained accuracy levels of over 99%
Inventory Supplement sales data with other sources to forecast sales demand
Machine maintenance – IoT Predict maintenance needs
Supply chain management Project the movement of raw materials and work-in-process inventory from point of origin to consumption.

… and many more! The Findability Platform is a vertical agnostic platform and can cater to numerous use cases.

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