Most advanced Contextual Data Engine


Findability Platform – a Contextual Data Engine, helps eliminate  the pain of search and offers the joy of finding

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Digital Body Language and Brand Karma

IBM Big Data in a Minute: Learn more about gaining human insights from data

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Find influencers in your business

Our tools can read “digital body language”.  That can find who is influencing your business.

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Want to know your customer's sentiments from emails, call reports, feedback forms?

With Findability Platform, you can find sentiments without reading those lengthy reports!

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Is the Social Media data overwhelming?

Using Social Media for your business is not about managing Facebook page or Twitter account. Is the data too big  to extract meaning from?

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Sugar Analytics Powered By Cognos Business Intelligiance

Make smarter decisions with enterprise-grade analytics

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Findability Platform

Findability Platform is an innovative solution to reduce the pain of search and provide joy of finding. With hosted or on-primus implementation of Findability Platform you can manage your Contextual Data effectively. To learn more, contact us today.

Powered by IBM Watson Foundations

We use IBM’s innovative suite of Big Data Products in our solution. Learn more about how Data Explorer & Big Insight power Findability Platform.

Findability Sciences is Big Data ISV  & Member of Global Entrepreneur Program of IBM.

SugarCRM workflow

To find out more about how Contextual Data helps managing your relationships learn more >>

Anand Mahurkar, founder and CEO .. Read more >> 

Block Diagram representing Findability Platform Architecture

BIG DATA : Too Big to Know?

With ever increasing Volume, Velocity & Variety, data is becoming Big Data. Is it too big to know? Our answer is no! With the power of storage & retrieval with IBM Softlayer/ Amazon, Hadoop and analytic, big data becomes very easy to understand. Findability Science’s solution offers customer power of Big Data with a great ease of integration with your data & ease of use. Read about our Products & Solutions OR contact us today to learn more on how can your organization take benefit of the Big Data, which we call it as Contextual Data! 

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  • Cost of ownership 50%
  • Implementation Ease 80%
  • Effectiveness 100%